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     The Animal House of the BSRC “Alexander Fleming” provides husbandry of approximately 22.000 animals and services to the biomedical research community since 2001. It covers an area of approximately 900sq.m. and is one of the largest facilities in terms of number and variety of mice in Greece.

     The Facilities operate in accordance with the national and European legislation and are registered by the Official Veterinary Service of the Prefecture of Athens as Breeding, Supplying and Experimental Establishment in accordance to the National Legislation, under the Code Numbers EL 09 BIO 04, EL 09 BIO 06, EL 09 BIO 05, respectively.

     Currently there are 6 different Facilities of SPF status, a Core Breeding-Barrier Unit, 4 Experimental Units (one of which is a BSL-2 Unit) and a Quarantine.

     All services provided are in accordance with the National Legislation and the European Legal framework (on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes), as well as the current Guidelines of the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA).

    BSRC "Alexander Fleming" promotes cutting-edge research, aiming to understand molecular mechanisms of complex biological processes in health and disease. We are also committed to contribute to innovation in medicine, by developing novel therapeutic and diagnostic methods, focusing on immunity and inflammation, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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