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Our services

Animal Supply
  • Supply of the most common inbred and outbred mouse strains used in biomedical research, such as C57BL/6, CBA, BALB/c, CD1.

  • Supply of mouse models of human diseases.

Experimental Services
  • Upon agreement, Animal House provides installation, personnel and animal models for research experimental protocols.

  • For further information regarding mouse phenotyping consult our webpage,

Animal Hosting
  • Animal international import.

  • Reproduction and hosting.

  • Health monitoring, veterinary care and support.

  • Distribution of mice upon request.

Education & Training

New animal house users are trained, according to the National and European legislation, for a 3-month period, prior to access.

  • External school and academic foundation visits.

Tours and seminars adapted to the type of the visiting foundation.

  • Host Institution for Regional Fellowship Training Program (Europe) - ICLAS.

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